Custom Guitar Tracks


Do you have a song that needs guitar?

Let me add custom guitar tracks to your project.

Simply send me the song file (an mp3, raw audio files, a Logic project file, whatever you have). I will record 2 fully comped guitar parts, ready for mixing into your project, and send them to you.

Over the years I’ve contributed guitar tracks to several recording projects this way, including artists like Sultans of String, Amanda Martinez, Chris Church, Bageshree Vaze and others. It’s easy, fast and affordable, with no expensive studio time and no complicated scheduling challenges.

Styles include Latin, rumba flamenca, jazz, folk, rock, pop, world music, funk, country – you name it.


Here are some samples of guitar tracks I’ve recorded in my studio over the last 10 years.

Kevin Laliberte – Hills of Green. This is a track from my latest album, ONE. Every sound you hear is made on guitar. There are nylon stringed, steel stringed and electric guitars on this track.

Kevin Laliberte – Andalus. From my Sundance album, Rumba Flamenca guitars and electric bass recorded in my studio.

Chris Church – Beyond the Sea. For this one I recorded Chris’s beautiful melody on nylon string, as well as a few tasteful fills.

Sultans of String – Orquidea. Nylon string melody on this bossanova tune.

Amanda Martinez – Under African Skies. This one is just Amanda’s voice and my guitar, giving me the space to layer multiple nylon and steel stringed acoustic guitars.

Chris Church – Desert Dream. Many of the background atmospheric textures, as well as the drone sound that weaves in and out are done on electric guitar.

Sultans of String – Montreal. All of the atmospheric background pads under the violin melody are processed electric guitar, showing how versatile a guitar track can be.

My starting rate for an indie project is $150+HST for a song under 5 minutes.

Contact me to start a conversation about your project and what you need.