New Song – When She Moves

A few month ago I decided to write and produce a pop song as a gift for someone. It soon took on a life of it’s own and I had a blast exploring all kinds of new (for me) production techniques.

It’s finally done and I’ve decided to share it with you, just because it’s fun to share!

It’s called When She Moves, and it’s available now on iTunes, Spotify and all the usual suspects.

Have a listen and leave a comment!



6 thoughts on “New Song – When She Moves

  1. Patrick Tivy

    Catchy tune! You’ve obviously put a lot of energy into it — very strong and light, like a dancer!!

    and by the way, we already have tickets for your Vancouver concert on March 31
    — there are.many things about Teeyo that we do not miss, but we very much miss the Sultans
    and your other work

    see you then!

    Patrick & Val
    (old yoga buddies)

  2. Hadi Yaziji MD

    Thanks so much Kevin for allowing us to enjoy your amazing expertise in writing and composing. Wonderful song indeed!

    Hadi Yaziji, MD and family

  3. Nicole Duval

    J’aime tout ce que tu fais Kevin en solo ou avec Sultans of string d’ailleur je vais voir votre spectacle le 21 oct a l’Assomption bien hâte d’y etre❤


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